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MARTIN specializes in high precision aluminum die casting.  We offer a complete range of services including mold tool making, die casting, machining, assembly, and finishing. Our advanced quality management system supports high quality parts through efficient processes. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) consulting services optimize production through Mold Simulation & Analysis to support design advantages and reliability.

MARTIN Technologies Equipment Assets:

Die Cast Machines, 125 – 1,800 tons – Central Furnace CMM
Certified Material Procurement On-line SPC System
Degassing Pressure Leak Tester
Tooling Design Vision System
Multi Mold Simulation Roundness Tester
CNC Machines Roughness Tester
Multi Spindle Transferring Machine Hardness Tester
Aqueous Cleaning Line LPC Tester
Chemical Polishing Line IC Tester
Sand Blast, Shot Blast, Vibratory Tumbling FTIR Tester
Auto Arm Adjustment Machine for Actuator
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